Friday, October 21, 2022

How Social Media Influencers Can Rock Your Global Business

What a story!  And one that everyone can learn from.  White Claw's rapid (overnight) success was due, almost entirely, to a social media influencer.  White Claw is a hard seltzer.

"He [the influencer] came up with a slogan, 'ain't no laws when you're drinking Claws', and it took off from there," said [Chris] Taylor, a Hilton College associate professor. "The last thing a company wants is their alcoholic product associated with law breaking, but it started selling out everywhere."

As the story goes ... "The influencer, with millions of followers, flooded social airwaves with the slogan, even putting it on T-shirts. It created a fervor for a product that wasn't on the radar of the beverage industry at all. Demand went through the roof and soon White Claw was selling out everywhere."

Something to think about.  Taylor goes on to say, "But with the explosion of social media influencers, it's truly a worldwide trend that I believe is here to stay."

Read the entire article on how researchers discover a viral trend in global marketing.

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