Tuesday, October 04, 2022

How to Better Serve Global Customers On An E-commerce Site With Nita Lathia (wegginar 10/5/22)

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Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global® has its next wegginar® coming up tomorrow, 10/5/22, and this one will be a winner for anyone who currently runs an e-commerce business; or, for anyone who should be running an e-commerce business (e.g, retailer).  If you are pressed for time, link to it now to learn more and to register:  https://bit.ly/3fg7Vth.

Nita Lathia, Head of Marketplaces, Passport, will be presenting, "How to Better Serve Global Customers on an Ecommerce Site."

Who doesn't have issues with trying to provide exceptional service to their global e-commerce customers?  We all want to treat our customers like kings and queens when they make an online purchase – from anywhere in the world – but what separates a positive global shipping experience from one that goes sour?

We will find out on Wednesday, 10/5 at 11AM CT.  Nita will share her best-kept secrets on how to better serve your global customers and more.  She will talk about:
  • Why should retailers consider cross border trade?
  • How is this different from the domestic model?
  • What does a good solution look like?
A little about the impressive Nita Lathia – let's just say she has a bit of experience in this industry.  She has been in logistics, shipping systems, and cross-border #ecommerce for the last 20 years. Last 10 years exclusively in the product management function for all aspects of cross-border #ecommerce, including eligibility, duty, and tax calculation, and building robust organic networks.  Her full bio can be found here:  https://womenentrepreneursgrowglobal.org/2022/09/28/how-to-better-serve-global-customers-on-an-e-commerce-site-with-nita-lathia-october-5-2022/

All the clients I [Laurel Delaney] work with and groups I manage have been encouraged to sign up for the free of charge wegginar.  Hope you will, too.  It's complimentary thanks to the supportive wegg® sponsors as highlighted in the graphic.

To learn more and to register (free of charge), visit:  https://bit.ly/3fg7Vth 

See you there!

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