Thursday, June 03, 2021

Growing Your Business Globally: 3 Fearless Female Founders Share the Keys to Success

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You are welcome to join the SCORE webinar today, 6/3, at 1PM EDT (free of charge).  Laurel Delaney, President of Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global® will be presenting (her lead slide pictured above) along with Jill Bishop, founder and CEO, Multilingual Connections and Cherry Miyake, founder of China Manufacturing Inc.

Here's what you will learn:
  • Why going global ignites growth for a business
  • How to go global with renewed gusto and emerge stronger
  • Why engaging multilingual audiences is necessary to expand your global reach
  • How translation can help create trust and ensure brand nuance internationally
  • Why China is a market of opportunity
  • Where the growth industries and demands are in China
  • What can you do to get started in China?

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