Thursday, February 27, 2020

Plant the Seed to Global Entrepreneurship: Find Your Early Adopters

Mariana van der Walt writes about how "Entrepreneurs need to be part of an environment – an entrepreneurship ecosystem – that will provide them with good access to markets, skills, finance, mentorship and talent."

We could not agree more.

In her article below, she provides a summary of the most common elements that need to be present and aligned in a thriving, supportive entrepreneurship ecosystem.

For example, "Growing an entrepreneurship ecosystem in such an environment can be challenging but can be done if planned well and purposefully managed to grow. Doing it in phases is the best way forward," says Mariana.

Here are the three phases:
  1. Phase one: Find your early adopters. Arrange a few workshops and maybe even run a competition for business ideas, with winners getting a small prize to set up their idea. 
  2. Phase two: Support new microbusinesses with a stick factor.  What's that?  Find out by reading the article!
  3. Phase three: Make it more formal. 
Learn more about how to create an environment in your small town for entrepreneurship to grow.

About Mariana van der Walt

Mariana is the founder of The New Zealand Institute for Rural Entrepreneurship (NZIRE).  She helps small towns thrive.   Being a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned intrapreneur, NZIRE is the third business Mariana dreamed (and worked) into existence. She is also a seasoned manager of globally distributed, remote teams, and can help you find your dream remote job.

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