Friday, October 25, 2019

How a Umami Burger Is Taking the World By Storm

Umami Burger has 28 locations globally with 18 locations in the U.S., with most in California, with two in sweet home Chicago and one in New York.  Of that number in the U.S. only two are franchised.

You might ask yourself what Umami stands for.  Umami is a Japanese rooted word that means savory.

What's causing the burger to take the world by storm?
Fueled by its CEO Sam Nazarian who runs SBE, a multifaceted brand of hotels, nightspots and restaurants, and now controls 95% of Umami, with founder Adam Flieshman owning the rest, it’s expanding overseas, particularly in Japan and Mexico.
Learn more about a U.S. product that resonates globally.

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