Tuesday, October 15, 2019

GlobalCare Clinical Trials: A Conversation with Gail Adinamis

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In 2010, Gail Adinamis, founder and CEO of GlobalCare Clinical Trials brought Phase I-IV clinical trials to patients, instead of the other way around. Today, the company’s in-home and alternate-site nursing services employs approximately 100 people, contracts with more than 75 country coordinators in 60 countries and conducts approximately 2,000 home visits per month.

Gail says:
“I’ve always been one to break tradition and look for more efficient ways to do things,” Adinamis says. “It made much more sense to conduct a clinical trial visit—a blood draw or a drug administration, for example—in the patient’s home and at a time that’s convenient rather than having sick patients go to a physician’s office or a hospital or clinic.”
In the interview below, Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global's™ Director of Development Bob Marovich sits down with Gail to find out how she went from a zero base to exporting her services to more than 60 countries.

By Exporting, the Female-Owned GlobalCare Clinical Trials Saves Lives Worldwide

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