Friday, May 24, 2019

Zero Footprint

Green funeral startup Coeio is the maker of the Infinity Burial Suit for humans and pets.  Based off co-founder Jae Rhim Lee's TED talk, their products allow for a completely green funeral by leaving zero footprint.  You don't need an expensive casket, toxic embalming, or pollute the atmosphere with cremation.

The Infinity Burial Suit is a breakthrough in eco-friendly, green funeral options. It returns your body to the earth without harming the environment – decomposing the body using mushrooms and other microorganisms.

Coeio made headlines this year when it was revealed that the late Luke Perry, the former Beverly Hills 90210 actor, was buried in a Coeio Infinity Suit.

As of 2013, the funeral market alone was estimated to be a $20.7 billion and that's just USA.  Read more about Coeio, how the funeral market is poised to be disruptive and where the next big growth opportunity lies.

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