Friday, May 03, 2019

Take Strategic Steps to Compete

Aaron Kibbey, Managing Director, Huron Consulting says:
Organizations today face a significant, but not impossible challenge: to cut through a noisy landscape with a value proposition that addresses consumers’ ever-changing expectations. Brands that rely on legacy alone will get lost in the shuffle unless they’re backed by a differentiated experience and long-term vision. By transforming a company’s substance, not simply style, leaders can hone an enduring competitive edge.
He goes on to say:

"Organizations saddled with excess amounts of debt have less flexibility to fund new platforms or service initiatives, but they can still take strategic steps to compete:
  • Seek out the right partner [and this can be beyond borders]. 
  • Restructure debt to enable reinvestment."
Read the entire article on creating revenue streams when brand matters less.

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