Thursday, May 23, 2019

How to Avoid Making a Speech and Body-language Faux Pas That May Harm a Global Business Relationship

The Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), comprised of successful entrepreneurs 40 and younger, says that thanks to today’s global connectivity and communication technology, the business world is increasingly international. They go on to say that many business leaders, even small business owners, can now easily and seamlessly conduct business across the globe.

In the article below, a panel of YEC members explain with 10 points how to avoid making speech and body-language faux pas that might harm global business relationships.
  1. Do Your Homework On Diversity And World Cultures
  2. Be A Genuine, Decent Person
  3. Be Observant And Open To New Cultural Experiences
  4. Ask Your Business Contacts To Correct You
  5. Keep Your Reactions, Word Choices And Tone Of Voice In Check
  6. Avoid Humor
  7. Conduct Cultural Awareness Meetings With Your Team
  8. Mirror The Person You’re Speaking With
  9. Make Time To Study Global Cultural Etiquette
  10. Just Be Yourself And Be Real
To help you feel more comfortable and confident in your global interactions, read on.

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