Thursday, February 21, 2019

Million-Dollar Growth Tips from Millennial Entrepreneurs Who Hit it Big Fast

Business and marketing coach Lena Elkins talks about how she coaches millennial entrepreneurs who feel defeated, burnt out and frustrated with their work largely because it’s harder than ever to stand out and scale an online business with confidence.

She asks four seven-figure millennial entrepreneurs to share their best insights on how they continue to grow and reach new milestones in their businesses against all odds.  Here's what came out of her discussions.
  1. Invest in the right team members.
  2. Stop overcomplicating your success.
  3. Always evaluate the quality of your product.
  4. Leverage the power of your local community.
As she suggests, use this advice to gain clarity, inspire action and think outside of the box to manifest massive change.

Read the entire article:  4 Million-Dollar Growth Secrets From Millennial Entrepreneurs Who Hit 7 Figures Fast

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