Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Sky is the Limit to Going Global

©iStock/Suat Gürsözlü 
In the past, successful entrepreneurs had to spend time and money hawking their wares at craft fairs or trade shows, but those days could be over. It’s possible for makers to instantly connect with a global buying community.

In this article, the author unknown, claims it is important for any business idea to be based on a strong foundation, and what this comes down to is identifying a demand that can be dynamically supplied globally.  The author addresses the following five points.
  1. Bringing great ideas together as one.
  2. Cutting out the middle men.
  3. Connecting the dots in real time.
  4. Doing much more with less.
  5. Bringing the wall down at last.
Read more about the secret weapon to go global with your idea or small business.

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