Friday, March 02, 2018

Is the Freight Forwarding Industry Primitive In Its Approach?

©iStock/Khadi Ganiev
Hundreds of thousands of small businesses constitute nearly 97% of total registered companies, collectively responsible for one-third of all U.S. imports and technology.  This industry has helped in making international trade processes a lot smoother than what the scenario was a decade ago but international freight still has a long way to go.
Though the popular opinion about the international freight forwarding industry is that it is primitive in its approach to technology, [Eytan] Buchman the VP of Marketing at Freightos] contends that the situation is a lot different than it looks. He believes this boils down to the dissonance between the perceptions of the shipper and freight forwarder towards international freight processes - while existing on opposite ends of the spectrum.
Read more to learn the effects of the international freight movement on small businesses.

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