Friday, May 13, 2016

Why An International Approach May Be More Strategic Than You Thought

Jason Popp, executive vice president of international at GES, a global event marketing company, says, "Going global can offer your business more than you might think, including a larger network of potential customers and more resources. What’s more, a global focus can still allow you to give back on a local level — and reap many other benefits for your company as a whole."

He provides five reasons why an international approach may be more strategic than you thought.
  1. You have access to a wider market — and more investment opportunities.
  2. Global products and services reflect a sum of their parts.
  3. More choices mean a more diverse market.
  4. When you focus on what you do best and most cheaply, everyone wins.
  5. You can still support local business — and on an even bigger scale.
Read the entire article:  Why 'Going Global' and 'Supporting Local' Don't Have to Be Mutually Exclusive

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