Thursday, May 12, 2016

Business Funds Quickly But With a Catch

Meredith Wood, Head of Content and Editor-in-Chief at Fundera, an online marketplace for small business loans, writes about three (3) global giants that lend to small businesses but with a catch.
  1. PayPal -- the catch?  "As long as you’ve been using your account to accept payments for three months or longer and have processed $20,000 in sales within the past 12 months, you’ll be eligible for a loan."  More here.
  2. Square Capital -- the catch?  "With a Square Capital Loan, your eligibility is determined by your processing volume, account history, and payment frequency. Again, this means there is no credit check to determine your loan eligibility, but you must be a current customer."
  3. Amazon Lending -- the catch?  "To qualify for a business loan through Amazon, your inventory needs to be stored in their FBA warehouse, and you must have about a year of sales history. You are essentially borrowing against your inventory and future sales.  The caveat, however, is that financing through Amazon is invite-only, so simply having an account with them is not enough to warrant a loan."
Read more:  The 3 Global Giants that Lend to Small Businesses

And for globalizing companies, there's TradeUp Fund, which helps export-driven companies raise flexible financing (not a loan company) that accommodates each company's unique aspiration. Let's not forget Kabbage either.  And the latest news on money-lending practices.

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