Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Which Presidential Candidate Will Step Up to Make the Case for Global Trade?

Interesting and spot on opinion piece by Morton Kondracke and Matthew J. Slaughter for The Wall Street Journal (3/16/16).  The authors talk about how the four leading USA presidential candidates are divided on so many topics yet stand united on one:  the assertion that trade hurts America.
Donald Trump blasts that “foreigners are killing us on trade,” while Bernie Sanders inveighs against “disastrous trade agreements written by corporate America.” Ted Cruz laments that “we’re getting killed in international trade right now,” and after flipping her position on the TPP and other trade agreements, Hillary Clinton now promises that America will never again “be at the mercy of what any country is going to do to take advantage of our markets.”
Read the entire opinion piece:  Make the Case for Trade

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