Thursday, March 31, 2016

How to Adjust to a World That Needs to be Everywhere and Anywhere the Customer Is

With the ease of connectivity largely driven by the Internet, Dutch company Philips is adjusting to a world where it needs to be "everywhere and anywhere the customer is" rather than trying to encourage them through a linear journey, according to the electronics brand's global head of digital and social marketing Blake Cahill.
"That’s a really big shift for everybody who used to, at least at our company, think of the development from the top of the funnel and you convert ‘here’. What we’re saying is the customer can start at Amazon and then go to a user review and then go to search and then go back to the shopping cart and then check something on their phone.
There are some really great questions addressed and insights shared in the article below.  Here's one example:

Question:  Does a company have to be on lots of platforms and how can that be balanced with making a profit?

Answer:  "You have to be where the majority of your customers are but also create a culture where you’re constantly experimenting with new platforms and you need to be able to quickly pivot if everybody decides to leave Facebook tomorrow and go to another platform," says Cahill.

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