Thursday, June 04, 2015

Social Media Gives SMBs Greater Heft in Global Marketing

Technology and the Internet have changed everything.  In combination, they allow the smallest of the smallest companies a chance to compete head-to-head against companies a million times bigger.  And never could we have imagined upstart businesses going global and expanding beyond their traditional markets in such a short a time span.  Many call this "born global" companies.

Why's this happening?  Many new technology trends are creating efficiencies.  Here's one for example:
Social media gives SMBs greater heft in [global] marketing 

Till the advent of Twitter and Facebook, could anyone have imagined a small startup going head-to-head with a big corporation from across the globe? But on social media, the advantages of deeper pockets seldom hold true, and it’s possible for a young upstart to quickly get noticed and build up its brand simply by being more responsive and observant.
Learn more about the other technology efficiencies:  How emerging technologies can help SMBs go global.

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