Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Getting Ready to Head Out to Spain?

Land that new business in Spain and not sure how to make the best of the trip when you meet with your new customer?  Look no further. Erica Mills writes "How I Fell in Love with Affordable Spain" for International Living and makes you want to travel there sooner rather than later.

What's to like about Spain?  According to Erica:
For a start, the people are wonderful: warm, friendly, passionate, and incredibly helpful. They’ve figured out what’s important in life in Spain, too. Nationwide, the country still takes a daily siesta—a mid-day break—to make time to eat well, have a nap, or see friends and family. And evenings are dedicated to friends and family, too: sitting in local restaurants or around a kitchen table, with everyone from the very young to the very old eating together.
More on Spain:
Have a safe and productive trip.

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