Wednesday, August 13, 2014

There's Plenty of Room For Improvement On Small Businesses Selling Abroad

In Jeff Kearn's article published by Bloomberg Businessweek, "Wine-Infused Ice Cream Boosts U.S. Small Company Exports," he talks about how small companies build global brands, why there's plenty of room for improvement to help small businesses sell abroad and how skepticism is the main challenge in working with small firms to expand beyond the nation’s borders.

A hat tip to Jeff for including my comments:
Some business owners have doubts about repayment, a consideration when one big unpaid bill can threaten their future, said Laurel Delaney, the Chicago-based founder of GlobeTrade who’s been helping entrepreneurs sell abroad since 1985. Still, she says insurance can cut risk.

‘Growth Potential’

“They’re just not realizing their growth potential,” she said. “You need to develop a global mindset.” 
Read the article:  "Wine-Infused Ice Cream Boosts U.S. Small Company Exports"

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