Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Demand for Creative Global Entrepreneurs

Even if you come from a long line of entrepreneurs in a family it doesn't necessarily mean you are cut out for entrepreneurship or will become a successful entrepreneur.  Here's what one international student - Vikas Jagwani - studying in the United States has to say:
Being an international student for the past couple of years has made me more educated about the U.S. and some of the policies that are different from my home country. Growing up in a family full of entrepreneurs meant entrepreneurship is not a new concept for me, but becoming one is a challenge.
Vikas, from the United Arab Emirates, is a sophomore at Drury University, where he majors in accounting, finance and economics.  Find out why he thinks entrepreneurship is a good path of study for international students.

Pursue an Entrepreneurship Major, Minor as an International Student

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