Saturday, October 01, 2011

Time by Chicago Sculptor Lorado Taft

Chicago Sculptor Lorado Taft's "Fountain of Time," ©Laurel Delaney photo
Chicago sculptor Lorado Zadoc Taft does Fountain of Time, or simply Time as featured above, measuring 126 feet 10 inches (38.66 m) in length, situated at the western edge of the Midway Plaisance within Washington Park in Chicago, Illinois (south side), in the United States.  Very close to the University of Chicago area.
Time was constructed from a new type of molded, steel-reinforced concrete that was claimed to be more durable and cheaper than alternatives. It was said to be the first of any kind of finished work of art made of concrete.  Before the completion of Millennium Park in 2004, it was considered the most important installation in the Chicago Park District.
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