Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Revolutionary Global Entrepreneur: Steve Jobs

On the theme of mourning the loss of Steve Jobs as well as celebrating his success, here's a look at what some promising Indian entrepreneurs had to say about him.  There's a reason for posting so much about Steve Jobs.  If you take the time to read what everyone is saying, you can set a new direction for your business and your life.

Here are a couple of comments before you click on the link below:
Anand, Kuliza, “Steve jobs is a truly inspirational leader for our generation. His greatest legacy would not just be the products he created but the number of innovative companies he will inspire.”

Kallidil Kalidasan, MindHelix, “The man who moved computers from a room to a portable box. Man responsible for the smartphone revolution! Really a sad day! Truly, Steve changed the world immeasurably!”

Kshitij Minglani, Homebuy360, “It was not about technology, not about creating a product that sells, but empowering the human race by creating change agents. And, as we leave for office today, we carry his thought in our pockets.”

Divyesh Kharade, Deltecs, “The world will not be the same any more. Steve Jobs re-defined and re-designed people’s life like never before. Truly the darkest day for all technology innovators! R.I.P Steve Jobs: An apple will be co-related to you more than Newton”
Read the entire article: Indian Entrepreneurs Salute Steve Jobs

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