Thursday, October 27, 2011

Creative Ways to Partner With Your Overseas Customer

Export this.  Import that.  But how do you partner with your overseas customer (or supplier) in such a way that they feel totally committed to you?

Have I got the ideas!


5 Inspiring Ways to Partner with Your Overseas Customer to Grow the Relationship

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Frontier Strategy Group said...

Although our insights are targeted at a slightly different area, we feel that they are still relevant with the issues you're discussing here. Our analysis is available at

Many executives, when pressed to explain what differentiates their corporate culture from that of their competitors will say something along the lines of, “our company is like a family” or, “employees are attracted to our values.” At established offices in developed markets, where hundreds of long-time employees live and breathe the corporate culture, this ambiguous but definition may be sufficient.

In emerging markets, however, companies do not have this luxury. Very few employees in a local office will ever make the trip to headquarters to absorb and live that culture first-hand. Furthermore, as companies rapidly expand their local headcount, the ratio of “indoctrinated” employees to “un-indoctrinated” employees will become even more skewed. Some locations may get lucky, organically developing their own unique corporate culture in the local office that successfully engages talent and differentiates the work environment, but relying on luck is never a best practice.

The companies that have been most successful in attracting and retaining top talent have put in place formal processes for defining, differentiating, and instilling their corporate culture in their furthest-flung emerging market locations.