Monday, November 01, 2010

Heading Back To France for the World Entrepreneurship Forum 2010

As a pioneering member and appointed Board member of the World Entrepreneurship Forum, I am excited to return to Lyon, France this week to attend the World Entrepreneurship Forum 2010 -- 3rd edition running from November 3-6 -- which will focus on the following:

To design innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to address some of our world’s most pressing challenges at the horizon 2050.  More than one-hundred members (entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, experts, academics and politicians) from 55 different countries will share their insights and experiences over a three-day period.

Four major topics will be discussed and will lead to a set of concrete proposals of actions on:

• Developing Entrepreneurship at the Base of the Pyramid
• Innovation and the Development of High-growth Organizations
• Entrepreneurial Cities
• Entrepreneurship Education

In case you don't recall, the World Entrepreneurship Forum is a worldwide think tank devoted to the entrepreneur, creator of wealth and social justice.  For more background, refer to a couple of our older posts here, here and here.  The founding members are Emlyon Business School and KPMG France.

The event will be webcast live on so stay tuned for key moments!  I will also do my best to Twitter about it over at: -- make sure you follow me in France!

Pictured:  World Entrepreneurship Forum 2009 Members

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