Friday, November 12, 2010

10 Notable Photos From the World Entrepreneurship Forum 2010

Mr. Inderjit Singh, Member of Parliament (Singapore)
World Entrepreneurship Forum Team (France)!
Mr. Claude Robichaud (L), President, Falpaco Plastic and Rubber Inc. (Canada) and Dave Frood (R), Author, The Thinking Corporation (Australia)
Innovation and the Development of High-Growth Organizations Workshop Team
Prof. Riadh Zghal (microphone), Senator, Tunisian Chamber of Councillors (Tunisia) and Ms. Lisa Fecteau (right front), President, Groupement des chefs d'entreprise du Quebec (Canada)
Mr. Antti Kangaslahti (microphone), Founder, (Finland) and Mr. Dan Evans (right), Chief Innovation Officer Executive Education Emlyon, Professor in Entrepreneurship (France)
Mr. Liu Chuan-Zhi (L), Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lenovo Group (China), Interpreter (China), Ms. Bhatt (India) and Mr. Steve Strauss (United States)
Ms. Ela R. Bhatt, Founder, Self-Employed Women's Association (India)
Mr. Yves-Henri Robillard, Director, World Entrepreneurship Forum (France)
Mr. Steve Strauss, The Strauss Group, Inc., United States
Photo credits: Laurel Delaney, Founder,; pioneering member and appointed Board member of the World Entrepreneurship Forum.  Watch for recap of the World Entrepreneurship Forum 2010 coming soon.  Quick take here.

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