Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Repeat: How to Provide Great Global Customer Service

The relationship between you and your overseas customer shouldn't end when a sale is made.  If anything, it requires more of your attention.

Think of your after-sales follow-up as part of your product or service offering. And the first step is to say, wholeheartedly -- whether in person, via Skype, by email or telephone -- "Thank you for your business!"

After all, you want to support your customer's success in any way you can, and you will be building a constructive interdependency that can become your gateway to the world.

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Posted by: Laurel Delaney, The Global Small Business Blog


Audrey D. said...

Great post! I really enjoyed your take on international customer relations. And I agree! Communicating with clients on a more personal level is essential to good business!

At our company, what we always strive to do is pay attention to time zones.

With clients and translators who live on different continents, we make sure to send emails and other correspondence when it's convenient for them. For example, we try to send any emails to our European translators (who are 9 hours ahead of us) before leaving the office at the end of the day. That way, they can get started on a project as soon as their day starts.

Looking forward to reading more from you...keep up the great work!

Audrey D.
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Cassie said...

I think that businessmen ending their ties with their customers after a sale is made is rare. Many businessmen are pretty much hands-on.

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Unknown said...

That is correct. I know some companies assign call center agents to personally call the customer to send regards and express gratefulness on making business with them. When I bought a new laptop, the company called me after two days and suggested some added services. That way, it gave me the feeling of secured with the product.

Small Business Answering service said...

Customer service is really one of the key things to remember in business and your relationship with your customers will make or break your business.. Retaining the customer depends upon not only giving quality product it depends upon the attitude of the company towards customers. Anyways, thanks for the post!