Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mobi Madness for SMBs Round the Globe

Got a Mobi, I mean, dotMobi ( If not, you better listen up. Ireland-based dotMobi, the mobile Web solutions company behind .mobi recently announced highlights of its third annual study, "Mobile Web Progress," on mobile Web trends. It examines available websites via the world’s most-used global top-level Internet domains: .com, .net, .org, .info and .mobi.

What's the upshot on the study?  The mobile Web is continuing its explosive global growth (refer to chart below).
dotMobi’s Director of Engineering, Ronan Cremin, said, “The study demonstrates that apps are shifting to become a part of a broader mobile Web strategy rather than the strategy itself. While some brands build individual apps for multiple platforms like iOS, Android and BlackBerry, businesses are increasingly choosing a mobile Web solution for their content, as many of the Alexa top 1,000 have already done.”
Wait, there's more.

goMobi ( is another tool developed by dotMobi that allows small business owners to strengthen their presence on the mobile Web by creating customized, professional-looking (and functioning) mobile sites from an easy-to-use template. GoMobi here.

The advantages of goMobi site creation include:
  • Affordability (eliminates the need for specialized developers)
  • Ease of use (no programming experience necessary, drag and drop technology)
  • Functionality (site will function on all mobile devices with web access)
  • Immediacy (site goes live within minutes of completion)
Some other exciting resources and tools you might want to check out to learn more are:
We wrote about dotMobi in our Top 10 Global Trends for Small Businesses for 2009. Find it here, refer to Point No. 2 (we are off by a year -- not bad), and see what others had to say about our report in the comment area.

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