Saturday, October 09, 2010

Dollar Rally?

Currency war?  Dollar rally?  Need for more U.S. economic stimulus?   You decide.

WORLD FOREX:  Dollar Falls to 15-Year Low Vs. Yen On Weak U.S. Jobs |

As Dollar Falls, 'Currency War' Talk Builds |
The dollar hit fresh lows against several currencies Thursday, raising pressure on global leaders to address worsening tensions among countries vying to keep their currencies weak and exports competitive.
FX Outlook:  U.S. dollar to get a respite after recent selloff | Reuters

US sheds 95,000 jobs in September |
The US needs to create about 200,000 jobs a month in order to keep up with population growth, let alone bring down the unemployment rate, and the weakness of the labour market since the spring has been one of the most troubling signs that the economic recovery has hit a soft patch.
IMF's Blanchard says no need for more U.S. stimulus | Reuters

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