Friday, February 12, 2010

Socialgraphics: A Customer Centric Approach to Global Social Strategy

According to The Altimeter, like demographics or psychographics, companies must now understand socialgraphics, which answers five key questions:
1. Where are your customers online?

2. What are your customers’ social behaviors online?

3. What social information or people do your customers rely on?

4. What is your customers’ social influence?

5. How do customers use social technologies to learn, make decisions, and support your products and services?
What is socialgraphics?
Socialgraphics is how to measure how customers use social technologies, where they are online, and how it influences them in the context of the customer life cycle.
Learn more here. This piece might be helpful as well.
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1 comment:

brando said...

Online social networking is great and everything. But your best "connections" in international business, in my opinion, will always be the old fashioned way - up close and personal -- drinking tea, out for lunch or dinner, going to a karaoke club, or strip club (yes, some customers will want to meet at a strip club). Getting to know customers personally is one of the best parts of doing international business. And franky, who wants to spend more time in front of the computer anyway?