Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wanted: UPS to Help Double SMB Exports

What a great job to have! The U.S. has asked UPS to help double exports for small and medium-sized U.S. businesses. UPS will use shipping data to identify those SMBs.
President Barack Obama set a goal of doubling exports to more than $3 trillion over the next five years to help create or support 2 million American jobs.
Less than 1 percent of America's 30 million companies export, which is significantly less than in other developed countries, the Commerce Department said in a statement.
Of those that do export, 58 percent export to only one country, providing what U.S. officials see as a big opportunity to expand exports.
A lot of the above stats can be found at UPS Business Monitor.

Read more here.

Another interesting piece: Export volumes: Is it possible to double exports in five years? ~ The Economist

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Tyler WebCPA said...

That's a big job for UPS! The Prez should also adopt the metric system and dramatically increase the amount of Americans speaking Chinese, Malaysian, and other languages, that way UPS would have some help!