Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why China Has So Few Good Brands

The answer may or may not be found in this piece but it's a darn good read.

Chinese Brands Are Coming

Note: I actually think Haier is pretty strong:
Haier is the world’s 4th largest whitegoods manufacturer and one of China’s Top 100 IT Companies. Haier has 240 subsidiary companies and 30 design centers, plants and trade companies and more than 50,000 employees throughout the world. Haier specializes in technology research, manufacture industry, trading and financial services. Haier 2006 global revenue was RMB107.5 billion.


Scott Robinson said...

It seems that China is moving closer to capitalism and is merging many of its' companies. China believes that the bigger their domestic company is the great competition it will have on a global level. Do you worry about China having a few giant companies?

Online Business said...

It is true that china is catching up the market in all the major domains. They are good in terms of cost reduction but at the same time how far their products are quality that depends or not able say. If they are achieving cost reduction and improved quality both at the same time then no one could stop their growth.


Paul Barsch said...

Laurel, thank you for the link to the DailyFix post. Is it that China has so few good brands, or that they haven't invested in marketing those brands to global customers? Your take?

Laurel Delaney said...

That's a good question Paul ... I thought it was interesting to see that a Chinese reader on your post indicated "China has so few good brands" yet I am inclined to believe it has more to do with "quality control issues" and that Chinese companies have NOT invested properly in marketing those brands to a global audience.

If you visit the Haier website you can get a good idea of what's lacking ... consistency, quality and cohesiveness. It's an issue that's not going to go away anytime soon unless it is treated.

You have to ask yourself what would happen if Haier hired the best brand/marketing/PR strategist on the planet? Would it make a difference in terms of their growth?

Would it take care of what may be an underlying quality control problem in the first place?

Donald said...

Yes its a true that china is catching the huge market of business because of that, China has a largest market at its home.