Thursday, June 25, 2009

WANTED: America's Most Promising Company

Is your business a diamond in the rough? Exceptional characteristics ... future potential ... but lacks the final touches to make it shine brilliantly throughout the world? Well then here's your chance to be discovered BIG time.

Forbes is assembling a list of America's Most Promising Companies for all investors, vendors and customers to see.

To find these gems, they are offering a comprehensive FREE self-assessment survey that captures the potential of a small business from all angles, as a professional investor would look at it. The idea is that companies that score high theoretically have a better shot at raising money -- and ultimately reaching their potential -- than those that don't.

Benefits to YOU for completing the survey:
  • A few high scorers will have the opportunity to raise additional capital.
  • All those who submit surveys will be given a 12-category qualitative snapshot of how their business stacks up to an ideal business in their industry, and at a similar stage of development.
  • Some participants will have the opportunity to get a makeover from a self-made titan in their industry.
  • Those who make the America's Most Promising Companies list will be given license to use the Forbes America's Most Promising Companies logo on their marketing materials.
  • Taking their survey will challenge entrepreneurs to think more critically about their business and its prospects.
Deadline: Friday, July 17th -- close of business.

Get discovered. Take survey here.


Angela Walker said...

I would like to thank Carl Lavin for inviting me to join America's Most Promising Companies on I have found this group to be one of the most wonderfully stimulating intellectual experiences. I am really hating to see this group end.
Most Sincerely,
Angela Walker

Laurel Delaney said...

REMINDER: Deadline approaching 7/17. Have you applied?