Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Globalization Matters

Technology and globalization
have changed our economy forever.
~ Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina, former chief executive of Hewlett Packard, told some 2,300 members of the International Franchise Association yesterday in her keynote address at their annual convention being held in San Diego, that businesses, which she says have created two-thirds of jobs in the country, will lead the way to restore America’s faith in how business operates.
“If we’re going to get our economy working again, we have to pay attention on how to get people and small businesses to perform and prosper ... I think you are vital to the restoration of growth in our economy ... It is innovation and entrepreneurship that will lead us out of this economic crisis. Not big government, not big business, not big labor.”
Way back when in his "The World Is Flat" book, Thomas Friedman wrote about how technology and globalization have changed our lives forever.

Read more about her Carly's talk here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Laurel

I agree completely with the sentiments that Carly Fiorina is expressing here that the move out of recession will come from the small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our skill has to be in keeping active, keeping positive, and keeping focused. If we do this then hopefully the path out of recession will not be a long one.

Thanks for raising this

jb said...

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