Tuesday, February 24, 2009

100 Companies To Become Household Names Across the Globe

Boston Consulting Group recently released a study of “New Global Challengers” identifying (immediate PDF file download) 100 companies with the potential to become household names across the globe.
The companies work in a variety of sectors, and hail from a host of countries. Not surprisingly, Brazil, China, and India account for the biggest portions of the list. The list is also very volatile, as 19 new companies made this year’s list. They are also extremely ambitious, with strong desire to capture global market share. They also benefit from a relatively lower cost of capital, and a concentration of ownership, which helps fend off potential hostile takeover attempts. As growth accelerates, these firms are willing to reach outside and bring in other expertise -- often through global alliances, acquisitions, and by building management teams with a global perspective.

It's really about how companies -- e.g., Agility in Kuwait is one -- from rapidly developing economies are contending for global leadership (I like the Page 11 area ... very insightful).
Learn more over at the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship: New Global Challengers.


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