Monday, February 16, 2009

Global Leadership Development

Employees are less likely to jump ship during a recession so whether you run a global small business or local big business -- focusing on how to develop people to ensure you are not caught short of strong managers when the economy recovers -- is a smart notion.

Here's what some of the big guys are doing. I see a lot of ideas in this article. Webinars and executive coaches are a good way to train and counsel high-potential employees on a tight budget. Even ordering a simple HBR case study and discussing it as a group at one of your regularly scheduled meetings shows you're on it and care. More ideas can be found here.


Heather Parks said...

A great new book on global business leadership is on Amazon. I saw this yesterday and think that it is right in line with what you are discussing in your blog, Laurel.

Laurel Delaney said...

Hi, Heather,

Thank you for visiting our blog.

If you had stayed with us a little longer and explored more of our resources, you would have caught Squidoo: Borderbuster ( under IMPORTANT LINKS on the right sidebar that we already featured "Global Business Leadership."

It's under the category of Borderbusting Books: Five Favs for 2008.

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