Thursday, January 01, 2009

Take the Plunge: Borderbust in 2009

Global entrepreneurship in action! We are happy to report that a simple, reflective walk by the lake -- one year ago today capturing an experience -- has brought fun, joy and fame (a little) into my life.

On the eve of our new year, I was notified that I am a finalist for the 1,000 Words Annual Photo Issue contest through the Chicago Reader. Winners will be announced in the next couple of days by a drawing (which I am relieved to hear because if they seriously judged with a panel of experts, my photo (as shown above) would never cut it against the 23 others; you absolutely must take the time to view them all ... powerful, creative work).

Backstory on photo: It's Polar Bear Plunge Day in Rogers Park, Illinois where I live and folks on the first day of the new year strip off their clothes and jump into the lake regardless of what the temperature is. How wild is that?! There must be similar sorts of traditions in other parts of the world (please share). And on this particular day, 1/1/08, when I took the photo, it was 22 degrees F.

So whether you realize it or not, global entrepreneurship plays into every aspect of our life. A natural, self-expressive act -- anywhere in the world -- can end up generating revenue. In this case, if we win, a U.S. $150 Best Buy gift certificate will be ours to spend as we see fit (maybe donate to a worthwhile social enterprise). But isn't that what global entrepreneurship is all about? Making a living out of doing good, setting out to change the world and pursuing a passion?

Let's keep our fingers crossed that we come out a winner in 2009! Stay tuned.

Now to you my reader. It's your turn. Take the plunge and borderbust in 2009. Let's work together to make that happen. You'll come out a winner too!

Happy New Year!

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