Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Localization Solutions in a Global Marketplace

Choosing a good-fit localization vendor such as Globalization Partners, CSOFT, Eriksen, LinguaLinx or Common Sense Advisory, for example, is not an easy feat. But you must at some point because going global is a good route for companies looking to weather the economic downturn.

Ms. Shunee Yee, CEO of CSOFT -- a localization/globalization firm -- says this:
Expansion into new markets can help companies stave off the ill effects of a volatile domestic economy. While gaining access to the global marketplace was once reserved for only the largest multinational companies, recent advancements in communication technology and trade have allowed companies of all sizes to enter the international arena. A critical step in reaching global markets is a well-crafted globalization strategy that allows for efficient product deployment that meets local cultural and language requirements. Localization has become the answer for businesses worldwide seeking to enter new markets efficiently and effectively.
More from CSOFT here.

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