Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Small Businesses Hunt For Business

With the economy slowing at home (U.S.A.), small businesses are on the prowl for business -- anywhere. The dollar is on a bumpy ride ... read more here.

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Cranji said...

At this time, small businesses must do anything and everything they can to retain their current client roster. This gets hard when budgets are being slashed, as is the case with prspective clients for our media relations/investor communications business.

As a small business, we are vulnerable and cannot simply "ride out the storm" by not changing what we are doing. Our "small" size means we can be nimble and make decisions quickly, including expanding or fine tuning our offerings to really provide value.

My point is that at thimes like these, small businesses are in an interesting position. They can choose to be agile and adapt with the times, or sit on their hands and wait for failure to come.