Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dubai International Financial Centre

The Dubai International Financial Centre is considered one of the fastest growing international financial centers in the world -- along the likes of Hong Kong, London and New York (pre-global financial crisis).

Doing business in the free zone in Dubai requires you do some homework and hire an expert who knows the ropes to help you avoid any pitfalls. Alternatively, you can start on your own here by contacting these folks listed (notice that their email addresses are governmental) and ask specific questions based on your intent so you know where you stand when you do connect with an expert.

Start exploring now so you can be first up when opportunities abound.


Unknown said...

Laurel, this is a great blog. The story on Dubai contains some excellent information and links. While it is clear that Dubai has extraordinary business opportunities, what is it like for women to conduct business there? Are they allowed to do business and be engaged as business partners? Are there women’s business associations focused on doing business in Dubai? I would be interested to hear feedback on this issue. I’m Beverly Rubio, with a focus on marketing strategy. You can reach me at

properties Dubai said...

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