Thursday, January 18, 2024

Inspiring Words From Jenny Zhu: "Defy the odds. Redefine obstacles. Design an inspired life."

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As President of Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global®, I am excited to release our latest How She Went Global® podcast episode #35 with Jenny Jing Zhu, CEO and Founder, Lush Decor Home: "Building a $100 Million Home Decor Empire:"

In this extremely insightful discussion, Ms. Zhu talks about:

🔸 How she went from a small, electricity-challenged village in China to the founder of Lush Décor Home, now a $100 million enterprise.
🔸 How she navigated the various stages of business growth.
🔸 Her international expansion plan.
🔸 What makes her most grateful.
🔸 + more ...

The HSWG® podcast is made possible through generous support from Associated Bank and Bluedog Design, which wegg® thanks.

As Jenny adds, "Defy the odds.  Redefine obstacles.  Design an inspired life."  

Tune in to find out how she did it:

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