Wednesday, January 03, 2024

According to Harvard, the Global Economy Is Doing Better Than Expected

Summary from Harvard Business Review:  The economy is ending 2023 in better shape than expected. Most importantly, inflation is falling in much of the world and some central bankers have signaled likely interest rate cuts in 2024. But risks remain as higher interest rates work their way through markets. Geopolitics also looms large.

As 2023 comes to a close, the global economy is, in many ways, doing better than expected. The U.S. not only avoided a recession but has grown at a steady clip. Unemployment has been low and, crucially, inflation is falling in most of the world.

And yet, the economic outlook remains deeply uncertain.  Find out why here.

On another note, Harvard seems to be turning their cheek to plagiarism, attempting to take the low road on an issue that is so important to all authors, not just Presidents of Ivy Leagues universities.  Shame on them.  Read this piece and tell me that the statement they make is true:  "First and foremost, we thank [Harvard University] President Gay for her deep and unwavering commitment to Harvard and to the pursuit of academic excellence."  Academic excellence?  Really?  Since when is any form or shape of plagiarism okay? 

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