Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Factors to Consider When Scaling to a Global Workforce

©iStock/Vadym Pastukh
As Davis Nordell, technology senior analyst with RSM US LLP, writes, "The globalized economy and the possibilities of remote work mean companies are considering building international workforces. But you need to plan carefully for any international expansion.

Despite the current problems plaguing supply chains, tech companies — especially those outside of the hardware sector — have limited exposure to or concern for supply chain risk. This insulation can make a rapid global expansion all the more attractive to early and mid-stage technology companies that may not yet have a significant international presence. 

Without a thorough understanding of the risks, logistical and compliance needs, and cultural considerations required to maintain a cohesive business structure in a variety of international markets, however, organizations will set themselves up for failure.  Again, plan early and carefully, to avoid hiccups.

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