Monday, December 20, 2021

Today in Global Small Business: Get Beyond Collaboration Overload

What's affecting me, my clients, my colleagues and other global small business owners:
  • McKinsey Global Publishing’s Tom Fleming talks with Rob Cross, the Edward A. Madden Professor of Global Leadership at Babson College and the cofounder and director of the Connected Commons consortium. In the book Beyond Collaboration Overload: How to Work Smarter, Get Ahead, and Restore Your Well-Being (Harvard Business Review Press, 2021), Cross reveals how high performers collaborate in ways that enable them to be 18 to 24 percent more efficient than their peers while simultaneously improving their well-being. 
  • Making global business work in 2021.  
  • Global merchandise trade exceeds pre-COVID-19 level, but services recovery falls short.
  • Quote of the week: "Life is not a solo act. It's a huge collaboration, and we all need to assemble around us the people who care about us and support us in times of strife." – Tim Gunn
  • Global expansion isn’t easy, but if done correctly, a brand can reap great rewards.  Here are 4 ways to overcome your global expansion hesitations.

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