Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Global Climate Change is Accelerating and Becoming Deadly: Let's Stop Burning Fossil Fuels

Global climate change is accelerating and human-caused emissions of greenhouse gases are the overwhelming cause, according to a landmark report released by the United Nations. There is still time to avoid catastrophic warming this century, but only if countries around the world stop burning fossil fuels as quickly as possible, the authors warn.

The effects of that warming are obvious and deadly around the world. 

Heat waves, droughts and floods are killing people and disrupting lives around the world this summer. Wildfires are burning with unprecedented frequency and intensity, including in places that used to rarely burn. Smoke and smog are choking people in cities and towns from Asia to the Arctic. Ocean heat waves are threatening entire ecosystems and supercharging hurricanes and typhoons.

Read the article here.  Access the landmark report by the United Nations here.  Banks funding fossil fuels.

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