Friday, March 26, 2021

Surviving the Global Pandemic: Luck or Hard Work?

©iStock/JLco – Julia Amaral
Global small business owners have embraced the chaos and found ways to adapt. They also know plenty of other owners who would have loved to continue on, but simply ran out of money, time, or good health.

Krystle Lockman, co-owner of Axe and Arrow Brewing said:  “This has showed us a lot about who we were as a company. I really just think from a business perspective, you can only plan for so much before you just have to stay nimble and adapt. Even the best planning can have a complete wrench thrown in it. We hit our projections, just in a very different mix of revenues. For us, it was a little luck and a lot of being adaptable.”

Read more on how these four small-business owners – who all made it – reflect on the pandemic a year later.

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