Tuesday, March 02, 2021

SpectraSpray Founder Janet Ryan Presents Don't Go Global Alone

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In this free of charge wegginar® March 3rd at 11AM CT with founder and president Janet Ryan, SpectraSpray Global, you will:

  • Understand foreign regulations for your product
  • Communicate with partners in other countries and better understand their market
  • Establish a relationship for successful international distribution and events
  • Learn services available to you through the U.S. Commercial Service
  • Discover legal jurisdiction internationally
About SpectraSpray Global

SpectraSpray Global provides cutting edge, high absorption oral sprays that are easy to use and well received by the public as well as knowledgeable health professionals. Janet's travel friendly line has gained interest from buyers both domestically and internationally.

To learn more and to register, visit:

wegg's educational wegginar is available at no cost thanks Women Entrepreneurs Grow Global®'s generous sponsors.

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