Friday, September 04, 2020

American Express Global Small Business Owners: Pay Over Time

American Express, one of the last remaining issuers of charge cards, recently announced that many of their small business credit cards would now be automatically enrolled in their ‘Pay Over Time’ feature at the start of the November billing cycle.  Pay Over Time allows a cardholder to revolve their balance like a traditional credit card.
With a charge card, the balance is typically due in full at the end of each billing cycle. Amex’s Pay Over Time feature enables a cardholder to carry a balance on eligible purchases of $100 or more and pay interest on that portion of their balance they revolve from one month to the next. In other words, it allows an American Express business charge card to act just like a traditional credit card.  Prior to November, cardholders would have to request that Pay Over Time be applied to specific purchases.
Learn more about how American Express business cards default over to time plans.

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