Thursday, June 04, 2020

Empower Global Small Businesses' Presence Online

With support of global commerce company Shopify and the Louisiana Economic Development, Louisiana business owners will become more competitive during the pandemic.
The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged businesses across the nation to find new ways to connect with customers. Louisiana Economic Development (LED) partnered with e-commerce platforms to provide Louisiana small business owners with enhanced customer service and special resources to make setting up or expanding your e-commerce capabilities as easy as possible.
What's in store?  Plenty.  With the website noted below, Louisiana business owners gain access to a 14-day free trial with Shopify and enhanced one-on-one support.

More details can be found online by visiting the website:

Will this opportunity be available to everyone at some point?  Sure looks like it already exists on Shopify's website (perhaps sans the enhanced one-on-one support).  Click on upper right hand corner – Start Free Trial.

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