Wednesday, January 08, 2020

A Relaunch on Global E-Commerce by Forever 21

In a statement, Forever 21 [privately held fast-fashion retailer] President Alex Ok said that the retailer has seen ongoing demand from customers in regions where it has plans to exit. "Ecommerce forms a large chunk of the profitable core of our operations and as part of our new global strategy, Forever 21 will leverage Global-e's technology to offer international customers an outstanding online experience," he said.

Hence, Forever 21 is relaunching its international online store to target consumers in Canada, Asia, the Asia-Pacific region and Latin America, in partnership with cross-border e-commerce platform Global-e.

Background –
The U.S.-based, privately held fast-fashion retailer [Forever 21] filed for bankruptcy in September [2019], saying at the time that it would close as many as 178 U.S. stores along with most of its international stores in Europe and Asia, in order to refocus on its U.S. and Latin American businesses.
Learn more about how Forever 21 is relaunching its international e-commerce.

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