Wednesday, January 02, 2019

A Little History on the Global Small Business Blog

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Since it is the beginning of a new year, we thought you'd like to learn a little history about the Global Small Business Blog.

The blog was started by Laurel Delaney July 20, 2004 as a vehicle to share global trade information and promote her company's capabilities:  helping entrepreneurs and small business owners go global.  That first year, when no one knew what a blog was, how to use one or how to get started, she posted 54 times.  Here's the first post.  The left side bar shows the number of blog posts each year from 2004-2019.

Since its founding, the Global Small Business Blog has had more than 2,252,775 page views, 3,800 posts and a readership range of between 25,000-75,000 readers on any given month.

The blog is now No. 1 in the world for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are interested in going global.

We've had individuals and companies who have offered to purchase our blog but we are not ready yet -- for there is a time, a place and a right price for everything.

Meanwhile, we continue to provide you, dear reader, with everything you need to take your business global.  At the same time, we look carefully at offers from companies who wish to create a sponsored post on our blog (e.g., here) -- all with the goal of serving you exceptionally.

That's our story or hi[story].  The best is yet to come.

We wish you a fabulous 2019 and thank you ever so much for your engagement and readership to the Global Small Business Blog. Happy New Year!

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